How it’s gonna go down

As this is a Project, it probably needs some kind of Plan.

As a general rule I don’t really do Plans. “Plan early, plan twice”. Life just ain’t predictable, manageable or controllable enough for Plans as far as I can tell. Instead I prefer An Idea, then just going along with it. Along the way new things happen. You meet people, you find stuff out, you bugger it up a couple of times and discover a whole different Thing. The Idea grows, changes, develops just as you do. Plans just get in the way of The Process, and that’s where the meaning is, innit? Mrs Myers and Briggs would say this is because I’m an INFP kind of guy.

But you’ve still got to have an idea of The Steps (If I call it that, and not The Plan, maybe my subconscious won’t start rebelling… worth a try).

So here’s The Steps involved in growing a beautiful Copper II Sulphate crystal:

  1. Get the Stuff.
  2. Grow a “seed crystal”.
  3. Use the “seed crystal” to grow the brilliant big blue crystal.
  4. Feel chuffed.
  5. Work out how to keep the big blue crystal looking brilliant.
  6. Make it Arty.
  7. Feel smug that you recombined Art and Science despite your compartmentalised education.

Pretty simple huh?

The best bit is most of step 1 is already done 🙂 I got a brilliant Chemistry Lab in a box from Mum n Sis for Xmas. I’ve found extra CuSO4 pentahydrate and distilled water on Amazon. I also got a nifty little dongle for my camera that’ll help with step 6 – it’s an Intervalometer. Yes, that is a real Thing. It’ll make my camera take pics every 10 mins (well, that’s my first guess at suitable, er, interval). Which will then become a timelapse film! I’ve always wanted to make a timelapse film, well at least since as a bairn I watched Sir Attenborough reveal the incredible beauty of the world. What a dude.

More about timelapsing later.

So now I’ve got to wait like an excited kiddie who knows Santy is on his way with all those magical surprises…

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