First Steps

Fan Fiction. Creative writing. I had no idea this would become a Project for me. But here I am. I’ve just posted my first 2 chapters on a gigantic fanfic site and now I’m slightly terrified. That either no-one will ever read it, or people will read it. I didn’t even choose this story. I didn’t dream up the character. She just jumped into my head one long, tedious train journey. Latching onto the obsession I’d developed about the world anskyrimd characters Bethesda had created when they put together Skyrim. Have a click if you’ve never heard of it.

I’d never heard of Fan Fiction before this. It’s a massive thing! So many people are inspired to get creative by the worlds and stories others have created. It’s beautiful. Well, actually, it’s often quite bad. But the very fact that people don’t just stop at reading a story, watching a film, or playing a game. That’s just the spark. The catalyst. From there a whole process of creation and imagination takes off. And these guys share it with each other. How brave are they???

Why am I doing it? I was going to keep the stories of Freir and her friends to myself. An embarrassing secret. But somehow I blundered into this alternate, shadowy universe of “user-created content”. Here’s a bit about fan fiction. So I started to read, and as always when looking at a work of art the arrogant thoughts of “I could do that” started up. You know the one. Well, how often do we actually put our money where our mouth is? I haven’t produced any exhibited artworks yet. Or sold my photos. Have you? So it’s about time I Man Up.

Also, I want to know if I can actually write. I mean in a way that people will want to read. Christ, If Jeffrey Archer and Louise Mensh can do it, surely I’ve got a chance. Oh, there it is again…. Fan Fic in some ways looks like a giant creative writing workshop. So I figure if any of them give me any feedback, well, it can only help me grow, right?

I’ve put this off, but I suppose I’d better give you a link to my story, eh? It’s work-in-progress, and it assumes you know the world of Skyrim, and that you like Fantasy stuff. Here goes… *closes eyes, crosses fingers*

Be gentle.

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