In the beginning was The Idea…

… and the Idea would not go away.

I tried to ignore it. I buried it with work, gaming, reading, but it grew. And it bred.

It became a trio, a trinity of urgent and vital thoughts. Growing in power day by day. Slowly taking parts of my unconscious mind, collecting information, quietly shaping my choices and actions.

They lead me here: 2:52 am on 25th Dec 2012, setting up my first ever blog. Unable to sleep because they have finally burst through the layers of procrastination and taken active control of my conscious mind. They aren’t going to be silenced this time. (also, I got a delicious freshly ground Kenyan prezzy and I had a cup after desert at 8:30pm)

I’ve got a bloody 12-hour shift tomorrow – sorry, today. Starting in less than 6 hours. I’d better keep this brief.

Here I will share the (probably) slow and painful development of the three creative projects my mind won’t let me get away from. I’m a complete amateur in every skill they require. I don’t expect the final products to be worthy in any way. But it’s the journey that counts, right?

Project 1 will combine my interests in photography, animation and chemistry. Reclaiming some of my Geekiness and hopefully producing some actual Art. I haven’t got over having to choose science or art subjects as comprehensive education and the national curriculum (I was the guinea-pig year for the footbal game politics plays with education at several points in my schooling) forced me to do. They aren’t seperate at all.

Project 2 Is entirely my girlfriends fault. She took me to a performance of “In C” in a church in Totness. My mind has never been the same since. I can’t play any instruments. Or read music. So how I’m going to produce a recording of this, played entirely by me, is quite a mystery. But I can’t shake the thought. I HAVE to know what this piece is like from the inside.

Project 3 is some writing. What it’ll finally look like is anyone’s guess. It started as a fevered series of prose-splurges driven by my obsession with a world created by a game studio. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda. I don’t know how they did it, but it is such a vibrant world, and the characters they have written are just so alive. In a 5-hour train journey five new characters for this world somehow got inside my mind, and they want their stories to be recorded. More than this, they’ve introduced me to a world of fanfic, and ignited a curiosity for the world of the old Norse. After their stories are out and I get my mind back, I have a hankering to explore the lives lived by these men of the North. I suspect there’s someone else who wants their story telling, but they’re waiting till I’m ready.

I’ll tell you more as I take my first steps in each of these, but it’s very early now, and I really should try and sleep.

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2 Responses to In the beginning was The Idea…

  1. I really like your writing style. Dive in and create!

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